Fresedo recordings in 1941

    In 1941 Osvaldo Fresedo was obviously not really content with the singers that accopagnied his orquesta. Ricardo Ruiz and Carlos Mayel. I see the recording with Carlos Roldas as a tryout of a possible colloboration that simply failed. It's (of course) a beautiful recording. Anyway, with Roldan was just a single recording. And 1941 puts an end to the work with Ruíz and Mayel. The next year Fresedo formed a complete new orquesta and found the wonderful Oscar Serpa to start a long recording period with. 
    We have some VERY dramatic tangos he recorded in this year. Vacilacion, Marcas, also Derecho viejo.
    An old fellow of him had passed away early that year, who had takes his own seat in the orquesta years before as the major bandoneon player, when he himself changed to the directors position. 
    Luis Petrucelli had died Feb 28th 1941. He had played with De Caro, Canaro and also the Orquesta Tipica Victor before he entered the orquesta of Fresedo in 1935. Petrucelli also directed his own sextet between 1929-1931 and played alongside Elvino Vardaro.
    After Petrucellis death it was Héctor Maria Artola who took over the first bando playing - but he could not replace Petrucelli properly. And so after the first two tunes recorded in January '41 we don't hear a lot bandoneon at all in the recordings - which must have bothered Fresedo as the bandoneon was his unique instrument, of course. Maybe we can see this also as a reason for Fresedo building up a whole new orquesta the following year. Anyway Ruíz "...left the orchestra along with most of the musicians and participated in the formation of the Orquesta Típica Argentina that had been set up to perform in the film La cabalgata del tango, written and directed by Juan Francisco López, Lopecito."
    During 1941 Fresedo had another change and that was Federico Scorticatti who replaced Ulderico Panella as 3rd bandoneon player.