Fresedo recordings in 1933

Roberto Ray
The line-up of Fresedo's Orquesta Típica in 1933 was:
Bandoneons: Osvaldo Fresedo, Pascual Storti & Juan Salvatore
Violins: Adolfo Muzzi, Pedro Desrets & José Lorito
Piano: Sebastian Lombardo / José Maria Rizzutti (> may 1933)
Double-Bass: Alfredo Corleto
Drum-Set: Saly S. Nisguritz
Guitar: Charles Wimer (also singer in english language of the recorded Fox-Trots "Por favor" and "Mirándote")
Saxophone (on Fox-trots) Tomás Fumo
Singer: Roberto Ray

It was also in 1933 when José María Rizzuti returned to play with Fresedo Orquesta and Sebastián Lombardo as Fresedo's pianist therefor left. 
 Rizzuti replaces Lombardo (Sintonía Magazine/13th may 1933)

Charles Wimer, who played the guitar joined Fresedo's orchestra. 16th of March, 1933 was the day when Fresedo and his orchestra began his 2nd period on the Victor label, with the instrumental "El espiante" (Matrix Nº74072) and the Pasodoble "Noches porteñas" (Matrix Nº74073) sung by Roberto Ray, both on the disc Nº 37364.

The 27th of April, 1933. The very first sound movie in Argentina: ¡Tango! was premiered. With the participation of Tita Merello, Azucena Maizani, Libertad Lamarque, Mercedes Simone, Alberto Goméz, Juan Carlos Bazán, Ernesto Ponzio, Juan D'Arienzo, Edgardo Donato, Juan de Dios Filiberto, Pedro Maffia, Luis Visca and of course: Osvaldo Fresedo.

In that movie a tango of his, "Sollozos" was played by Fresedo. ¡Tango! follows a formula established by Carlos Gardel with films such as 'Luces de Buenos Aires' (The Lights of Buenos Aires, 1931) in which a melodramatic story is interspersed with tango songs. However, the film had less dialog and more music, making it more like a musical revue. 
First time in this movie "Tango!" from 1933 we can see Nélida Gianneo playing live for Fresedo Orq.

But who might be the piano player in the still of the movie szene?

Also in 1933 Fresedo played with an expanded orchestra in the theatrical play of Alberto Pidemunt and Eduardo Salvador Trongé "Diez postales por un peso" presented in the Teatro Cómico, a place where Fresedo premiered his "Tango azul" based on a previous tango of his own: "Olvidála pa' tu bien".
Pidemunt and Trongé also collaborated with Fresedo writing the lyrics to his compositions "Colibriyo" (Tango), "En el recreo" (Ranchera) and the aforementioned "Noches porteñas" (Pasodoble).

Fresedo also participated in the sequences of Luminton's film "Los tres berretines", whose leading role was played by the great comedian Luis Sandrini, together with other fundamental names of our scene such as Luis Arata and Luisa Vehil. It was directed by T. Susini, L. Malfatti y de las Llanderas. Music by Enrique Delfino and Isidro Maiztegui.
In this film, Fresedo's orchestra plays Delfino's tango "Araca la cana". It's verses were sung by Luis Díaz sadly at the very end of the movie.

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